Travel can be expensive. Many times, travelers end up skipping meals or staying in crummy accommodations just to save money along the way. Instead of missing out, why not choose a destination where your dollar can go far? For those who want to travel without scrimping, here are out suggestions for some of the world’s most budget-friendly destinations.

Goa, India

Baga beach, Goa

Photo: Extempore / Flickr

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is considered one of the most peaceful states in India. Full of charming villages, beaches, museums, wildlife and adventure, there’s something for every traveler on a budget. For less than $10 per day, travelers can sleep and get a full day’s worth of food. Those looking for a beach adventure like jet skiing or paragliding will be able to haggle the price to below $20, while you can explore nature on land for free at Bhagwan Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Goa is also home to many complimentary cultural attractions, like the Goa State Museum, Shree Chandranath Temple and Shree Bhagavati Temple.

Banos, Ecuador

Banos, Ecuador

Photo: hood.jonathan / Flickr

Banos is budget-friendly destination especially popular with backpackers and adventure-enthusiasts. Travelers can get a room in a hostel or guesthouse for about $7.50 per night. If you’re looking to try Cuy (guinea pig), a local delicacy that’s often expensive, street vendors in Banos sell single portions with sides for $3. Moreover, Banos’ proximity to the Amazon, Tungurahua Volcano, the Pastaza River and numerous waterfalls allow the destination to showcase a range of outdoor activities, all for a low price. Trek through the Amazon Jungle for $35 a day including food and accommodation, bungee jump for $15, go canyoning for $25 a day with lunch, white water raft for $30 and more. Afterward, relax with a $20 hour massage at one of the many spas in the center. Hungry? Soup, meal and drink at a local restaurant costs less than $5.

Mancora, Peru

Mancora beach, Peru

Photo: Aleks J Clark / Flickr

This lazy beach town is a haven for surfers, party-goers and budget travelers. Loki Hostel is the nightlife hotspot for backpackers who like to party all night, while The Point Mancora Beach is a beach-front hostel that’s a bit more low-key with a strong community vibe and myriad beach activities. Inexpensive hotels include Kon Tiki Bungalows for about $10 per night and Kimbas Bungalows Mancora with rooms for about $19 per night. In town, you can find local restaurants offering soup, entree and drink for less than $2, and taxis cost S/.1 (about 38 cents) to go anywhere in town. Additionally, renting a surf board for the day is less than $4, and 90 minutes of yoga on the beach costs about $7.50. Just walk along the beach to find these great outdoor deals.

The Volta Region, Ghana

Wli, Volta region, Ghana

Photo: Erik Cleves Kristensen / Flickr

While many don’t think of Ghana, Africa, as a travel destination, they should. The entire country is budget-friendly, although we suggest the Volta Region because of its beauty and range of experiences. Homebase in Wli-Afegame, located just outside of HoHoe. At Ras Madesko’s you get no-frills backpacking accommodation for about $5 per night, and guests can enjoy nightly bonfires and live music. Additionally, Wli Water Heights is a clean hotel with rooms starting at $15 per night. Whether you stay at Ras Madesko’s or not, you can use his tour guide services where he’ll drive you to all the area’s major sites, like Volta Lake, Wli Falls, Tatomi Monkey Sanctuary and Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Afadjato, for around $21. Local markets offer food for cheap, while the inns and hotels in town serve heaping plates of food for less than $10. Cape Coast is also a worthwhile and budget-friendly destination in Ghana, offering many historical and natural experiences.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Photo: archer10 (Dennis) / Flickr

While there are many destinations in South East Asia where your dollar will take you far, Hanoi is one of the cheapest. The city boasts a plethora of art, history and culture sites, as well as delicious restaurants and access to hill trekking. Take in a show at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre for less than $5, visit the free Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and explore the historical Hoa Lo Prison for less than a dollar. Moreover, sleeping is cheap as hostels start at around $4.75 a night, while you can get a private hotel rooms starting at around $5.50 per night at places like Victory Queen Hotel and Victory Palace Hotel.

What’s your favorite budget-friendly travel destination?

Jessica Festa
Jessica Festa
Jessica Festa is a freelance travel writer. Her work has been included in outlets like Gadling, Huffington Post, AOL Travel, Fodor's, Matador Network, Vagabondish and The Culture-Ist.

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