Traveling by plane is often the most convenient option for travelers. It is fast and allows for more time once you reach your destination. But what about once you get to wherever you are going? In some destinations, how you travel around is as much a part of the vacation experience as where you go and what you see. If you want to find unique transportation options on your next vacation, these destinations are for you.

Camel riding in Egypt

Camel riding in Egypt

Photo: Pete the painter / Flickr

It is possible to see the great attractions of Egypt (the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and the Sphinx) on a bus or 4×4 tour. But to really get a taste of adventure in Egypt, a camel tour is the best option. Rides on these “ships of the desert” can range from a hour-long jaunt to a days-long trek through the Western Sahara.

Motorbike travel in Vietnam

Motorbike travel in Vietnam

Photo: Martin Terber / Flickr

Vietnam has one of the highest motorbike ownership rates per capita in the world. The two-wheelers here are much smaller and easier to ride than a Harley or BMW motorcycle. Tourists can cruise around the cities and towns of this charming country by simply renting a motorbike themselves or even joining a tour that leads riders through the countryside.

Train travel in India

Train in Tambaram, India

Photo: seeveeaar / Flickr

India has one of the most impressive train networks on earth. Though these trains are not the fastest in the world, it is possible to get almost anywhere on them. Some trains are notoriously crowded, but you can spring for a premium class ticket and ride all around the Subcontinent in relative comfort and experience the romance of train travel in a way that is just not possible in many parts of the world.

A car tour in the English countryside

Ilkley, England

Photo: James Whitesmith / Flickr

The English countryside is one of the most charming and attractive destinations in Europe for a road trip. Narrow country roads that pass by pastural landscapes and centuries’-old towns provide a unique glimpse into life outside of London. To handle the narrow roads, you can hire a small car, which is perfect for people who want to experience a driving vacation in the English countryside without having to spend much on gas or worry about the size of the roadways.

Dog sledding in Greenland

Dog sledding in Greenland

Photo: ilovegreenland / Flickr

Greenland is one of the best wintertime destinations, though it is not quite as frigid as many people think it is. Riding through the unique landscapes of this mostly-uninhabited island is quite an unusual experience. The best way to go sightseeing in the countryside is the traditional way: on the back of a dog sled. Without the noise of a snow machine or a 4×4, you can really get the most out of a trip through Greenland’s natural, roadless lands.

Do you have a unique mode of transportation that you have experienced? Let us know about your trip in the comments section below.

Josh Lew
Josh Lew
Josh Lew has traveled widely in Asia and the Americas. He has contributed to popular travel sites like Gadling and Brave New Traveler and currently writes a weekly travel column for MNN. His work has also appeared on the websites of CNN and Forbes Magazine.

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  1. The jungles of Nepal by elephant? Or dug out canoe?
    Cappadocia by hot air balloon?
    The dunes of the UAE in a 4×4?
    Anywhere in Asia by auto rickshaw/tuk-tuk?

    This list is fun :)

  2. I did Camel riding a few days back.. was scared to fall down most of the time :D

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