You can find cheap accommodations almost anywhere. The problem is that, in many places, cheap is synonymous with uncomfortable. At the very least, if you try to save money on your accommodations, you will end up with a room that is very basic. It is possible, however, to actually get a nice place to stay for a reasonable price. No, you will never book into a four-star hotel for the same price as a shared hostel room, but you can certainly find hotels for much lower rates if you know where to look. This does not mean that there is some special online booking service that can get you great deals on hotel rooms everywhere, but it does mean that you can get reasonable prices on four star hotel rooms if you choose a destination that has such rooms readily available. Some destinations are known for having four star hotel rooms at rates that are significantly less than those found in other destinations.

Here are the best destinations for finding four star accommodations for low prices.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Sunset at Cabo San Lucas,  Mexico

Photo: [YuRi] / Flickr

Cabo San Lucas is known as a more laid back alternative to Mexico’s more popular beach areas, such as Cancun and Mazatlan. Cabo has a number of rental condos and luxurious resort rooms for less than $100 per night. Yes, you could easily spend much more than that, especially during the high season (wintertime), but there are numerous reasonably priced options for savvy travelers. Studio condos can actually be bought here for a little over $20,000, so if you really like Cabo (and many people do), it is possible to get a place here for less than the price of a new car.


Beach in Aruba

Photo: Nestor’s Blurrylife / Flickr

Aruba is a major destination for sun-seekers. It is popular because of its beaches, its amazing tourism infrastructure and the fact that it sits to the south of Hurricane Alley, so tourists do not have to worry about bad weather ruining their vacation. There are so many options in Aruba that it is always possible to find some sort of hotel deal. One way to get a luxurious room for less is to purchase a package vacation that includes both airfare and hotel. Another way is to wait for deals. There are plenty throughout the year, with the lowest prices found after “spring break season” and in the late fall. You can find a four star room for around $100 per night at these near-peak times and can find something even more luxurious for less than $150.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas at night

Photo: Allen McGregor / Flickr

Las Vegas looks great on paper, but getting a good deal on a hotel room can be a little more tricky than in first seems. This is because the same casino-resort can have rooms that range in quality from three stars to five-plus stars. Package vacations, with airfare and hotel, are often the best way to go, with some non-casino hotels offering the best balance between price and luxury. Don’t always assume that cheap is better either. Sometimes, spending $25 or $50 more per night can lead to a much better, more luxurious experience. There are some great options in Las Vegas in the $150 per night range, which is still very cheap compared to other major US cities.

Kuala Lumpur

City landscape, Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Khalzuri / Flickr

Kuala Lumpur has a high concentration of major luxury hotels. You can easily find a four star room for not much more than $100 per night. There are options that are even cheaper if you are willing to do a little searching. Most visitors pass through KL quickly on the way to other parts of Malaysia, but it is certainly worth staying for a few days, especially if you can get a luxury hotel room for such a low rate. There are lots of shopping options (both malls and traditional markets) and plenty of places to eat and enjoy the city’s nightlife scene.

Porto, Portugal

Porto at night

Photo: raphael.chekroun / Flickr

Portugal’s second city has some very cheap accommodations. For less than $50, you can stay in a comfortable, if basic, inn in the center of town. For less than $100, you can get yourself a bed at a world class hotel or a more-comfortable inn. Some upscale inns are housed in converted villa that were built more than 200 years ago.

Do you have another destination that we should add to our list of the best cities for low prices on four star hotels? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

Josh Lew
Josh Lew
Josh Lew has traveled widely in Asia and the Americas. He has contributed to popular travel sites like Gadling and Brave New Traveler and currently writes a weekly travel column for MNN. His work has also appeared on the websites of CNN and Forbes Magazine.

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