The “Sea Capital of Bulgaria” contains numerous dining venues from casual to gourmet, with food that will please any visitor’s palate. Restaurants in Varna contain both traditional and international dishes with an extensive emphasis on seafood and good Bulgarian wine at excellent pricing.

Here is a sampling of the ones not to overlook when seeking a restaurant in Varna.

Captain Cook

King Crab

Photo: Chung Ho Leung / Flickr

Winner of several culinary awards in Bulgaria, Captain Cook welcomes visitors with an elegant dining scenario indoors or outdoors on its open-air terrace. Its location is on the top floor of the Varna Harbor Station, and it offers an unobstructed scene. Dine while observing the panoramic vista of the sea and at the right moment, catch the sunset of the day. On weekends, Captain Cook adds even more to its fine ambiance with live piano music.

Captain Cook is well known for its selection of seafood dishes including lobster, mussels and king crab served gourmet style. It also has mastered the art of freshly made sushi which is a favorite among its clientele. The best of Bulgarian wines are the norm on its wine list.

Address: Morska gara, Varna
Telephone: +359 0882 999 002


Godzila is a chain of four modern restaurants favored by visitors and residents of Varna. However, this one located on Maria Louisa is the first of the series and opened in 1999. The restaurant shouldn’t be too difficult to locate since its entranceway is shaped like an enormous replica of ‘Godzilla’, the creature that made an enormous impact in cinema. One must enter through his legs to get inside. The design of the building is only the beginning with a colorful interior of tables serving 150 and an additional outdoor garden dining space. A great portion experience is to be had with salads being their specialty alongside a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, sushi and other international dishes. There’s something to please all pallets at a price that is hard to beat. Godzila also delivers when ordering via their on-line site.

Address: Maria Louisa Blvd 37a Varna
Telephone: +359 52 612 905

Guan Don

Prawn Crackers

Photo: See-ming Lee / Flickr

Although it’s always good to try the traditional foods and dishes when one is visiting another country such as Bulgaria, sometimes the allure of the unfamiliar becomes too overwhelming at one time. Travelers may develop a hankering for something familiar like Chinese. Varna doesn’t disappoint and there’s a place for Chinese food that is sure to please the taste buds. Authentic Oriental-style favorites are on the menu such as prawn crackers and sweet and sour specialties. Guan Don Restaurant is the place that the locals and visitors keep coming back for more. Seating is situated in booths with enough room for six people at each table. The restaurant also operates a take away service and is a good option to consider if filled up to capacity.

Address: Bratya Shkorpil St 30 Varna
Telephone: +359 52 617 002

La Pastaria

Fresh Bread

Photo: Jill M / Flickr

There are three La Pastaria restaurants in Varna and all serve Italian cuisine. This La Pastaria is situated in the core of the city and posses an open air garden and a well-sized interior space. The menu contains fresh homemade pasta but by no means is dining limited to ordinary pizza and pasta.
Begin a meal with fresh bread and a meat antipasti served with salamis, Parma ham, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Tagliatelle Frutti di Mare is a seafood tagliatelli that blends a mixture of mussels’ fresh salmon and squid and is a house specialty. The restaurant takes satisfaction in their exclusive collection of ‘La Selezione’ wines, which have been carefully selected for La Pastaria. The wine list continues with more than 150 wines from other parts of the world

Address: 45 Dragoman Str., Varna
Telephone: + 359 89 677 99 35

Hashove-Old Varna

Located in the immediate surrounding area of the Sea Garden is the restaurant Hashove-Old Varna. It is known as a “mehana” dining facility and tavern that serves established Bulgarian dishes and accompanies it with Bulgarian folk music. The venue seats 80 in cozy quarters among traditional décor. Enjoy specialties of Bulgarian national cuisine such as cabbage rolls and stuffed vegetables.

During the winter, the kitchen specializes in one-pot meals like ‘gyuvech’ which is similar to a rich and hearty stew. For added spice to the palate with nearly the same dish, order ‘kavarma.’

Warmer days and nights in Varna means that barbeque in the summer garden at Hashove-Old Varna and eating al fresco. The restaurant is family friendly and there’s nothing like eating Bulgarian fare while listening to traditional folk music.

Address: 1 Slivnitsa Blvd. Varna
Telephone: +359 52/644490

Mr. Baba

Red Wine

Photo: Takuma Kimura / Flickr

Situated on the Southern Beach of the Sea Garden since 2005, the dining venue of Mr. Baba is berthed alongside the Varna breakwater. What makes this place unique is that it is a replica to scale of a 15th Century ship-galleon restored with fine detailing. Once inside this family owned establishment, it is no less than a top-class family friendly restaurant. It is nearly a 5-star dining without the price tag.

The bill of fare is extensive and presents a high standard to its patrons. Mr. Baba’s menu caters for all with delicacies of the sea such as tiger shrimp to a more traditional grill including pistachio lamb meatballs. The wine list is extensive and keeping with the old tradition not seen too often, the wine is often decanted.

Address: Primorski, Varna
Telephone: +359 052 614 629

One could dine at different restaurants in Varna every day for a year and still not have tried them all. Just catch a few on each trip for some pleasant dining experiences.

Veronica Shine
Veronica Shine
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