Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, became the number one diving location in the world when divers discovered the Red Sea around the Sinai Peninsula. There are hundreds of huge walls, slopes and caves as well as famous shipwrecks. The Ras Mohamed National Park has thousands of species of fish and hundreds of types of coral. Divers regularly see shark, rays and barracuda along with the colourful reef fish. There is also a spectacular mangrove forest in the park. Many people dive near the resorts, but there are live-aboard tours that will take divers to remote places that are not crowded. Snorkelling, glass bottom boats and night dives are also available.

Old Town Sharm

Old Market

Photo: WomEOS / Flickr

The Old Town is the place to shop for bargains and experience a local market that has not changed much for centuries. The venue was a caravan passage over 2,000 years ago, and there are buildings over a thousand years old in the town. Visiting the Old Town is a chance to see the local culture and escape from the tourist areas for a short time. The vendors expect visitors to haggle down the prices, so they start high. Visitors can pay about half to two thirds of the asking price or just walk away. There are plenty of more shops to discover. The best time to go is in the morning when the weather is a bit cool. It may not be good to visit in the night.

A Camel Ride into the Desert

Moses Mountain

Photo: guillenperez / Flickr

Visitors can take camel rides to various locations in the desert including Coloured Canyon, Moses Mountain and the beaches, but one of the best rides is in the evening. The camels stop, so visitors can watch the sunset and enjoy a delicious Bedouin meal. It is prepared on the spot while the sky darkens. The night sky is truly an amazing sight and some tours offer a good quality telescope for visitors to see some of the stars up close. It is actually easy to ride a camel. It just takes a few minutes to get used to it.

See the Great Pyramids

The Pyramid of Khafre, Egypt

Photo: archer10 (Dennis) / Flickr

Of course, it would be remiss to go on holidays to Egypt and not experience for yourself the wonders of ancient Egypt. For example, you can find lots of Sharm el Sheikh holidays with the excursion to see the pyramids included. Visitors can make a day excursion to see the Great Pyramids, Nile and Sphinx as well as other ancient monuments in Egypt. There are one day bus tours to Cairo that allow visitors to see some of the important places in Egypt without giving up their fun in the sun holiday. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and make the journey interesting. The tours can extend to two days and include a trip on the Nile.

The Monastery of St. Catherine

The Monastery of St. Catherine

Photo: BBM Explorer / Flickr

There is a small city that has been built around the Monastery of St. Catherine and is a place worth visiting to see some living ancient history. It was built around 565 by the Roman Emperor Justinian I and is one of the world’s oldest working monasteries. It was a place of pilgrimage much before the monastery was built. There is a journal written by a woman who visited the site in 381. It has the largest collection of manuscripts and early codices after the Vatican Library and still has the hand written letter from the Prophet Muhammad giving the monastery protection. There is also one of the best collections of early icons that exist today as well as many other ancient artifacts. Fascinating stuff!

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