France is one of the best countries in Europe for skiing. The French Alps are legendary for both their wonderful terrain and the ambiance of their resorts. People from all over the world come here to ski on some of the most famous slopes in all of Europe. There are a number of budget-friendly resort areas in French ski areas as well, so it is possible to enjoy the ski scene without breaking your bank. Even more-popular areas have low cost accommodations and offer ski packages and lift ticket packages that can help skiers save money. If you are looking for cheap ski holidays in France, here are your best options.

Val d’Isere

Val d'Isere

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This is arguably the most famous of France’s ski areas. It has hosted Olympic downhill races, and its slopes have been the training ground for France’s best skiers. With over 300 kilometers of runs, there is actually something for everyone here, from advanced runs for experienced skiers to gentle slopes for novices. There are even some off-piste options for those who want to get some deep-powder or tree skiing in during their vacation. Packages are available for people who want to ski here on a budget.

Alpe d’Huez

Alpe d'Huez

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This ski area is the largest overall in France’s alps. The city of Grenoble lies near the resort, so this is also one of the most convenient ski areas in France. A nice mix of runs await people who choose this resort. Beginners will have plenty of options here, while advanced skiers won’t be disappointed either. With a wide range of accommodations within the resort and in the surrounding areas, it is really possible to get the most out of your money if you do a little research and find a reasonably-priced place to stay during your vacation or choose a discounted ski package.

Les Gets

Les Gets

Photo: gruntzooki / Flickr

This resort is perfect for families traveling on a budget. Family packages are available in abundance at Les Gets, so people can find a good deal at almost any time of the winter. Why else is Les Gets so great for families? It has a number of runs that are designated only for children, so kids can really learn the sport of skiing in a very safe and family-friendly environment. People can add a budget savvy strategy to their ski vacation at Les Gets by purchasing a pass that is also good for Morzine, a nearby resort area that also has some good runs for beginners as well as some more challenging terrain.

The Pyrenees

The Pyrenees

Photo: Tourisme Grand Tourmalet / Flickr

Straddling the French border with Spain, this region has some very interesting options for skiers who are looking for somewhere outside of the alps. The Font-Romeu area has several resorts and numerous runs, all of which can be accessed by a single ski pass. This makes Font-Romeu one of the most budget-friendly options for people who want to enjoy some diversity in their skiing. Another option in the Pyrenees, Tourmalet, has over 100 kilometers of runs and also a great ambiance – it is the second oldest ski resort in France.

Have you enjoyed a ski holiday in the Alps or Pyrenees or in other pats of France? Tell us what you think the best options are for a cheap ski holiday in France.

Josh Lew
Josh Lew
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