We love France for many reasons including shopping and art, but when visiting France, some folks go for the wine. Who can blame them? The sun, the scenery and the fabulous wine tastings are a great escape from the office and every day routine. For those seeking a vacation that truly feels like a vacation, a wine tour in the countryside of France is just the ticket to feeling well-rested and rejuvenated when escaping to Europe for a few days. Wine tours can be short or long, so no matter what your schedule is like, there’s a tour that fits your needs. Wine tours also give you the opportunity to converse with other travelers. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds, giving you chance to widen your cultural horizons while enjoying delicious wines and learning about the region.

Champagne Vineyard

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When attending a wine tour in Paris or just outside of Paris, you want to look chic without overdoing it. Even the well-dressed in France are effortlessly chic and there’s nothing worse than the tourist who’s blatantly trying to fit in with locals. Remember that wine tours are primarily comprised of tourists. Keep your look pulled together and refined. Men should wear a button-up shirt and twill pants for day and perhaps have a sports coat on hand for evening. Women should wear a nice blouse and trousers or a comfortable dress. You should also pack a light cardigan in the event you’re outdoors and the weather cools down. Many wine tours involve a meal, so you do not need to take much with for the trip. You want to keep your bag relatively light and wear shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in.

Vineyard Serving

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Hitting up Paris? If you have a day to devote to champagne, you can check out the Day in the Champagne Region Wine Tour. This is a 12 hour tour, so it won’t eat up your entire trip, but still gives you a look at the Champagne region where champagne comes from. The champagne region is a mere 45 minute drive from Paris and accessible by train. You’ll see the beautiful scenery this route has to offer include small villages and the vast vineyards. This tour includes a full tour of a champagne vineyard and includes a stop at the Moet Champagne House. You may experience pruning, grape tasting or harvesting when visiting the champagne vineyards. You can also learn about first and second fermentations and of course, tastings! This is a great tour for those who are limited on time, but looking for a knowledgeable and memorable experience when it comes to champagne tastings. Guides are from the region, but speak English, so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy the tour. You will also stop in Reims, which is arguably home of some of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe.

Oak Wine Barrels

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Maybe you want to take your wine tasting adventures to the seas. Drift down the Seine and sip champagne when you book with O Chateau wine tours. O Chateau operates out of Paris, so if you’re in the City of Lights and spontaneously decide to take in a wine tour, this is the place to go. This river cruise puts on the Seine to wine tastings that will help you develop your palette. The best part of the O Chateau wine tour is the guide is eager to serve numerous drinks to each patron, though you’re guaranteed at least six glasses. The experts at O Chateau choose their wines from over 150,000 options, so you know only the best will arrive on the boat for you drink while you take in the lovely river.

Wine and Food

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If you’re a foodie and want to learn about wine and food, look no further than Succulent Paris. This gives you the opportunity to learn about wine and food from the perspective of two born and bred Parisians. You can expect a ton of information about the French culture along with a few history lessons that will make you the toast of the party once you’re back stateside discussing wine with friends. This is an interesting tour and ideal for those who fall into the category of wine novice, while getting plenty of background on French food too. This is also a great tour for those who may have teens with them that are interested in French culture and food, but can’t accompany adults on a full blown wine tour. There are also various types of tours done through Succulent Paris including those that involve only tastings or those that involve walking tours of markets or preparing meals in a private kitchen.

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