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What makes Budva a dream holiday destination for Sunlust fans?

Ever dreamed of waking up to a wide beautiful sky and the unfathomable Adriatic Sea? Well, this and much more is possible if you plan on visiting the city of Budva, commonly referred to as The Miami of Montenegro, it is a hot favorite among sea lovers as they tend to have a peculiar declivity to Budva because it is quite laid back, fun and flamboyant, moreover, it also offers avenues for a breathtaking sea-side promenade to submerge into a pure sense of tranquility and bliss. A visit to Budva is not just a holiday, it is therapy.

Budva is not only known for its splendid seasides but also renowned for its exuberant clubs, Parisian nightlife culture, and chic cafes. Once you land here, it is hard to miss the lively nightlife with your fellow Montenegrins.

Tripify to Budva

Check out the cheapest flight deals for Budva on Tripify and fly at lightning speed. You can check out the ongoing deals or may pre-book to get the best deal for your Montenegro vacation.

The Tivat Airport (TIV) is the nearest to the town of Budva in Montenegro. Once you land at the airport, you can take a short drive to Budva to kickstart your holidays.

5 Amazing Things to Do in Budva

A series of diverse experiences await you in Budva. To start your Montenegro holiday, visit Budva Old Town to get the authentic taste of its culturally brimming alleys that are filled not only with culture and traditions but a living example of a smooth concerted amalgamation of convention and modernity. A stroll across the alleys is as rejuvenating as an hour-long spa.


The next place you must add to your Budva excursion list is to see the Ballerina Statue. It remains the classic Budva town identifier in Montenegro and a mere glance at this statue will throw your head in spirals as one cannot make out whether the statue depicts a ballerina or a gymnast. Cherry on the top, town dwellers are not sure either! Become all ears to a dozen stories revolving around how the statue came into existence. Nonetheless, it is the heart of Budva.

Budva Nightlife is sure to leave you gawking and wanting more if parties are your fuel. Budva remains a party paradise for party animals in Montenegro. The top party places you must check out are: Top Hill, located atop a hill, this nightclub in Budva is a must-visit and needs to be on everyone’s bucket list for Montenegro. Moreover, you can dance the night away by visiting a few other popular nightclubs in Budva such as Maletz nightclub and Omnia nightclub. Also, make sure that you attend the much-hyped Sea Dance Festival. It is considered to be Europe’s dance festival blue-chip and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can thrum and let loose to the beats of the world’s classic DJs like David Guetta, Skrillex, Like Mike, Dimitri Vegas, and Sean Paul.

For perfect sun-slapped Instagram pictures with sand-sunken toes and a sun-tanned body, Budva is a great place for beach bums. Budva tops the list of least traveled best beach destinations of 2023 in Montenegro and is kind of brewing to be the jackpot for a beach vacation. Tripify suggests the following beaches in Budva for spending a gorgeous day out sunlusting: Becici Beach, Mogren Beach, Richard’s Head Beach, and Jaz Beach.


Lastly, take a day’s trip to Hawaii islands, the nearest mesmerizing destination from Budva. It is one of the best places to visit nearby as it is just one kilometer off the coast of Budva, quite prominent for its crystal-clear blue waters and ultra glorious beaches. Catch a ferry to reach the Hawaii islands which would cost you around 5 EUR per person and spend an entire day traveling and merry-making.