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Agartala: A Mesmerising North-Eastern Corner of India

The laidback charm of Agartala is quite magnetic, splendid is the word for this place. Agartala is a paradise for those who would like to hug tranquility and peace altogether to get a jolt of serene calmness. The place offers delight in solitude and is famous for its ultra-picturesque beauty and oodles of greenery and quaintness.

Agartala is a hidden gem and remains less traveled as most people have yet to learn about its bewitching grandeur. The place remains low-key among travelers as it is less commercialized, thanks to its natural outlook and preserved beauty. Not many flock to Agartala as people do Goa and other commercialized places of attractions in India, yet if you haven’t seen it you are unaware of India’s true alluring appeal and charm.

Top Attractions in Agartala, Tripura

Also known as the temple town of India, there are several temples that one may visit on their trip to Tripura. Here are the temples that one cannot dare to miss in Agartala; the first being the Mata Tripura Sundari Temple, famed for its mention in the Hindu religious texts or scriptures, it gained immense popularity among devotees from across the nation because it is a Shakti Peeth and is a temple dedicated to Devi Sati. The idol of Devi Sati is carved on a Kasti stone which is reddish black in color. Other major temples in Agartala are as follows: Agartala Jagannath Mandir, Chaturdasha Temple, and Lakshmi Narayan Temple, each having their own significance and reverence among pilgrims coming from far-off lands to pay homage to the respective presiding deities in order to seek blessings.

Apart from being a temple town, there are numerous other things and places of attraction that one may do and visit for a great holiday experience in this quaint northeastern state. A place of prime attraction in Agartala is the Neermahal Palace. Built by Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur in the year 1921, the palace was meant to be a summer residence for royalty in Agartala. It is accredited to be India’s second water Palace after Jal Mahal in Rajasthan. The views from the Palace are sure to leave you mesmerized and wanting more. The backdrop of the divine lake adds volume to the resplendent beauty of this gorgeous palace. The palace holds a colossal presence and is quite magnanimous to look at from the spectators’ viewpoint.

After Neermahal, the place that one must include as a part of their itinerary is Heritage Park, which holds miniatures of all important places to see in Agartala. A stroll in this park is surely entertaining and would not bore you. It is a place best enjoyed by family or friends.

Yet another palatial marvel is the Ujjayanta Palace, the monumental galore will leave you spellbound as you truly submerge into the grandiosity of this palace. One of the notable features of this palace is its ornately carved doors, wooden ceiling, and striking tiled floor. Not only this but the entire location of the palace uniquely influences how tourists perceive this princely estate, located on the banks of two lakes and encircled by European-style gardens, this palace is a must-visit as far as history enthusiasts are concerned. It was under the rule of Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya Debbarma, the construction of this palace commenced.  

Best time to visit Agartala

Agartala is beautiful all year round, hence there is no specific time to visit the place for submerging in its grandeur and beauty. However, if you wish to enjoy a pleasant time sightseeing the numerous heritage sites in Agartala, you must choose the time from April to July. The time from October to March is quite a time to enjoy all the grand festivals and a pleasurable climate.