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Discover the Gems of Bhubaneswar: A Journey Through History and Culture

In the temple state of Odisha, visiting Bhubaneswar is like submerging in a religious pool sans buoyancy. There is no going back once you step into Bhubaneswar as this temple town is quite overwhelming and hugs you right back. If you are visiting Bhubaneswar for the first time there is a certain probability of you going in a whirlwind, which is why planning a travel itinerary beforehand becomes vital for an amazingly elaborate experience of the place.

Best tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar a.k.a. ‘Mandira Malini’ translated as ‘Garlanded with temples’ holds substantial architectural styles that portray an amalgamation of dynastic rules that shaped the entire town or city of Bhubaneswar. The architectural richness of this place speaks volumes and is something that you can only experience for yourself by paying homage to the famous temples nestled in the city.

The first temple on our radar to see the flamboyant richness of the place is the Ananta Vasudeva Temple, laying prominent on the Bindu Sagar Lake, it is a marvelous piece of architecture and the presiding deity is Lord Vishnu. The exterior of the temple is laden with eccentric motifs but this alone is not a peculiar feature of this temple, people mainly get fascinated by the buzzing kitchen hall that prepares fresh yet unique delicacies.

Yet another absorbing temple with astonishing architecture is the Lingaraj Temple, the presiding deity is Harihara,  a coalescence of cosmic energies of two highly revered gods in Hinduism, Lord Shiva (destroyer of the universe) and Vishnu (preserver of the Universe). The temple architecture displays rich Kalinga styles and architectural techniques with which the temple had been built. The gates of this temple are open only for Hindus and non-Hindus are barred from entering the premises of the holy premises. It is a tremendous architectural marvel that one cannot dare to miss.

A perfectly proportionate piece of architecture is the temple of Mukteshwar, especially renowned for its red sandstone building, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It also holds a beautifully decorated toran archway and is a most sought-after pilgrimage destination among travelers from across the globe.

The next famous monumental temple in the list of temples that one can explore in Bhubaneswar is the Parsurameswar Temple. The temple architecture is famous for its intricate carvings of gods and goddesses and is a treat for sore eyes. If you are a design enthusiast, this is a place that you cannot dare to miss.

Best things to eat in Bhubaneswar

It is rightly said, in order to taste a city to its core, the best practice is to savor its street food where you can find a volcano of authentic and unique flavors. The best things that one should try in Bhubaneswar are as follows: Dahibara Aloodum, Khichdi, Bara, Gupchup (a.k.a. Golgappas), Dalma, Pakhala Bhata, Chhena Poda, and Rasabali.

Best time to Tripify 

The best time to visit Bhubaneswar is during the winter season as one can find a pleasantly perfect climate to do sightseeing activities. You must visit Bhubaneswar during the month of October to March for an amazing experience of this picturesque city in Odisha. Avoid visiting this place in the month of June as the city experiences heavy rainfall around this time of the year.