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Cochin: a travel guide for exploring this charming port of Kerala

A historical pawn for its spice trade commerce among colonizers, Cochin is also known as Kochi and has a long history. Cochin is a port city, needless to say, a pretty one indeed. It is applauded by tourists for its immeasurable beauty and scenic delight.

Visiting for the first time? This Cochin guide is sure to help you plan a better trip for an altogether superior travel experience. One of the best places that you should not miss is Fort Cochin, a now-transformed luxury and boutique hotel space. A stay in this property is surely mesmerizing enough for first-timers in Cochin.

A  Spectacular Kathakali extravaganza

Kathakali, the most adorned dance form of Kerala can be delightfully savored in the port city of Cochin by travelers from across the globe. The energetic gesticulation is one of the centers of magnetic attraction towards this dance form. Request an audience with Kathakali dancers at Fort Cochin for a memorable evening amid the undying spirit of music, dance, culture, and history.

Forte Cochin, an attractive property, does offer breathtaking views of a phenomenal port city. It is a boutique hotel in Fort Cochin that aims at adding multiple layers to your excursion and accommodation experience. The insides of the hotel are in the shade of a striking yellow that is sure to lift your mood and pinch you with the required traveling zest to let you explore every nook and cranny of the city.

A little budget crunch? There are still places that you can pick for an amazing cost-effective experience. In this case, you can book your stay at some great hostels in Fort Cochin where the rooms are available at dirt-cheap prices (500 to 800). Make sure to check out Zostel and Happy Camper.

Sunbask at the Fort Kochi beach

One of the best things that you can do in Fort Kochi is to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Fort Kochi beach is not someplace where you can find serendipity as it is a busy place in Cochin. This beach is quite a rage among travelers for its Chinese fishing nets, a site that is always on your face, especially in the mornings, and thus is hard to miss.

Another beach in Cochin is Cherai beach which is quite a popular destination as it offers everything that a beach holiday guarantees.  You can spend an entire day at this beach in amusement. Dolphin spotting is a favorite activity here (Of course one needs to be super lucky). A tranquil stroll along this beach coast does have the power to rejuvenate even the driest soul as one can experience total serendipity amid a scenic blast that mortal eyes crave.

Travel to the Jew Town and Pardesi Synagogue to get a glimpse of the colossal historic past of this place. Pardesi Synagogue is an archaic yet only active Synagogue in India. It is one of the spectacular buildings standing tall in Cochin city and is a great treat for history lovers.

A two-day trip to Kochi is fair enough and appropriate for travelers to experience Cochin to the fullest. A ferry ride could take up most of your budget so be prepared for that. Other than this, visiting Cochin from October to December is the best option to beat the scorching heat and humid temperature of Kerala.