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Nagaland: a hidden paradise in India

Imagine seeing lush green landscapes as far as your eyes can hold, a pure bliss, something that you cannot grasp at once but could devour enduringly to submerge every inch of your mind, body, and soul into pure ecstasy. Nagaland is one place that is not so popular among travelers because not many know of the offering that this state has to offer.

Top attractions in Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the most glorious nature hot spots in India; it offers tremendous natural beauty for sore eyes and pure relaxation for a tired soul. If you ever feel super exhausted and burned up, I would suggest coming to Nagaland in search of peace and harmony as the place abundantly offers calmness and tranquility. One can plan a perfectly suitable travel itinerary for exploring Nagaland to the fullest. Here are some places that you must include in your Nagaland tour:

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is the place where one could find many monuments of historical importance situated in Nagaland. One such place is The State Museum, closed on Sundays, and is governed by the Department of Art and Culture. It is a gateway to Naga life and the unique culture, and art peculiar to Naga people. Ethnographic findings have been displayed inside the museum primarily focusing on the customs, traditions, and life led by the Naga people. It is a great place to explore if you are interested to know more about the people of Nagaland and their lifestyle.

Yet another place that you could explore on your trip to Nagaland is the Ntangki National Park for an amazing wildlife safari experience amid raw and lush greenery. It is one of the adventurous activities that you could do in Nagaland. Park’s flora and fauna are atypical, attracting travelers from across the nation. This place is visited by enthusiastic birdwatchers during the winter months to spot various migratory birds.

Other places to visit in Nagaland are as follows:  Loktak lake for freshwater fishing activities and exploring freshwater aquamarine life, Kohima War Cemetery for spotting the legendary Cherry Tree used by the Japanese soldiers during World War II, Kisama Heritage Village for taking a deep dive into the best that Naga culture and age-old traditions have to offer, and Kachari Ruins for gazing at monolithic ruins of the eighth century and a giant mushroom-shaped dome.

Fulfilling Nagaland cuisine

The food of Nagaland is undoubtedly packed with authentic flavors adding variety and diversity to the overall cuisine served here. One must try eating at the following places for a scrumptious meal: Ethnic table, Herbs and Spices, The King Chilli, ILI-HA, and The Black Sheep. One must try the following delicacies in Nagaland as these are famous foods of the place: Axone, Anishi, Fermented Fish, and Pork.

Best time to Tripify

The best time to visit Nagaland for a blissful and close-to-nature experience is from October to December or from March to May. The climatic conditions are similar to that of a mountainous region. The weather tends to become humid and misty and remains so year-round. Summertime is pleasantly perfect for a surreal holiday experience.