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Mangaluru: A Spectacular Beach Paradise

Mangaluru is one of the less traveled, breathtakingly beautiful coastal destinations in India, capable of hypnotizing people with its beauty and splendid beaches offering picturesque sunrise and sunset views. A beach paradise, Mangaluru has no dearth of amazingly attractive beaches. It also is a revered temple town in Karnataka flocked by many from across the nation to get divine blessings.

Top places of attractions in Mangaluru

Here are our top picks when it comes to beaches in Mangaluru. The first beach that one must visit is Panamburu beach, popular for its quaint surroundings and serene views of the sea, this is the place that would allow you to bask in ultimate solitude to embrace calmness. This low-key sand beach hosts a lighthouse and is a popular destination visited by tourists every year. Yet another beach paradise in Mangaluru is Tannirbhavi beach, one can take a ferry ride from the Gurupura river to reach this fascinating place in Mangaluru. An evening here with friends or family at the beachfront could be highly memorable for first-timers.

A great monumental site to explore is the Sultan Bateri watch tower, centrally located in Mangaluru city offers a treat for sore eyes as it opens up to bewitching views of the port and is quite a rage among travelers interested in catching a glimpse of an enthralling sunset. The river banks offer great avenues for amazing photography, hence this place is a must-visit for shutterbugs out there.

Popular for its temples, when in Mangaluru, a visit to the Mahatobhaara Sri Mangaladevi temple cannot be missed. Even if you are not so religious, visiting this temple in Mangaluru is sure to calm your nerves and would give you a sense of peace. The architectural style is totally influenced by Kerala architecture and is appreciative. Yet another famous temple of Mangaluru is the Kadri Shri Manjunatheshwara temple. The premises of this temple offers avenues for holy bath or dip that one could take in the pond, surrounding the main temple compound to purify oneself. Devotees come from far-off lands to seek blessings here.

Pilikula Nisargadhama is yet another beautiful place located in Mangaluru famous for its exquisite gardens and water park. This place should be on your travel itinerary for Mangaluru as it renders a great sightseeing experience to travelers flocking to Mangaluru’s bank for the first time.

Best time to visit Mangaluru

Winter months starting from October and lasting till February are considered to be the best months to travel to Mangaluru as this allows travelers to have a great sightseeing experience. The climatic conditions are pleasant enough to absorb everything that the city has to offer.  

Best of Mangaluru Food

Mangalorean food is quite indulgent and has a unique flavor to it. The street food scene in Mangaluru is exquisitely delicious. The first thing that should be on your tasting list is Gassi, available in multiple varieties such as kori (chicken) gassi, chana dal gassi, meen (fish) gassi, and paneer (cottage cheese) gassi. There are other savory dishes that you must have in Mangaluru and are as follows: Goli bajji, Kori roti, Gujje Podi, Mandakki, Kadale Manoli, Seer fish masala fry, Chicken Ghee roast, Mangalore Biryani, and Mangalorean Buns.