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Nagpur: A walk through the Tiger capital of India

One of the most amazing places that one could visit in Nagpur, known for its pollution less surroundings, this is a place that has its own charm. The state reorganization led by Raja Buland Shah in 1956, Nagpur is famously known as India’s Orange City owing to its world-class orange produce. Nagpur is known widely by numerous names because of its multiple attributes. Several Tiger reserves in India are connected by Nagpur, hence the name Tiger Capital of India. Here is a curated list of itineraries that you may stick to if visiting for the first time in Nagpur, also famous as the Winter capital of Maharashtra.

Top attractions in Nagpur

To kickstart Nagpur darshan one of the best places you may relish going is the Futala Lake, a manmade lake built by the Bhosle kings of Nagpur, the place offers a serene outlook of the forest, covering from three sides. A landscape beach on the fourth side of the lake is the sprinkler on the top. It is a place flocked by many to experience utter calmness in the backdrop of a lake. Futala Lake is a famous chill-out place for Nagpur dwellers and tourists alike. The colored fountains add great effect to the place's overall beauty and become a  sight to behold.

Apart from visiting the lakefront, tourists must also visit the Sitabardi Fort, this is one monumental place that is famous for its old-world charm and is a great historical site in Nagpur because of the Sitabuldi battle that took place in 1817. The fort here was constructed by the Britishers back then and is now a major attraction site for tourists allowing a window into the past. Another historical marvel standing tall at the city's center is the Zero Mile Stone, popularly believed to be erected at the city's center. There is not much to do here but a visit is a must to see the sandstone pillar. 

A revered religious site at Nagpur is the Deekshabhoomi, quite famous for being a large Buddhist Stupa. Followers of Buddhism from across the globe come here for meditation and other activities.

Other places of attractions to visit in Nagpur are as follows: Seminary Hills (a splendid garden area in Nagpur meant for recreational purposes), Krazy Castle Aqua Park, Shri Mahalakshmi Jagdamba Temple, Shri Ganesh Temple Tekdi, and Narrow Gauge Rail Museum.

Best time to visit Nagpur

Winters are the best time to see Nagpur in its true colors. The pleasant weather makes it easy to do all the sightseeing activities in Nagpur. Summer months are scorchingly harsh and humid, making it impossible to do sightseeing in Nagpur. Also, monsoons are pretty rainy and if you are someone who detests rain then visiting Nagpur during monsoons could be the worst idea for you.

Best of Nagpur: Food Galore

Nagpur is not only famous for its oranges or dishes made out of it but there are other delicacies that give the right character to this place. When in Nagpur, you must try the following dishes: Tarri Poha, Saoji (Spicy savory dish), Biryani, and Kebabs.