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Majestic Views and Tranquil Surroundings: A Guide to Exploring the Ridge in Shimla

The Queen of Hills, Shimla is a vessel of ethereal natural beauty, it leaves no stone unturned in mesmerizing tourists from across the nation coming in hope of rejuvenation and peace. If you plan on visiting Shimla for the first time, here are the top suggestions for you to have a great time exploring this wonderfully scenic hill station in India.

Shimla is one of the most sought-after weekend holiday destinations among travelers especially Delhiites because it offers a break from the monotonous hustle and bustle of city life. People flock to the streets of Shimla in search of a peaceful outing and a travel escapade.

Top Attractions in Shimla

Shimla Mall Road is the busiest street in Shimla and is the first place visited by tourists coming here. This Mall road is similar to the ones that most hill stations in India have, however, the views vary and Shimla being the Queen of Hills and a Summer Paradise, a stroll on the Mall Road is sure to leave you mesmerized. Multiple eateries and shopping outlets are located on the side banks of Mall Road. Vehicles are prohibited here hence prospects of a peaceful saunter amid a balmy mountainous breeze are higher and one could immerse themselves in the everlasting joy of feeling the mountain breeze and glancing at dreamlike landscapes and hills. You can feel the entire vibe of the place, though it may feel like drowning in a throng eventually, the mountains around take the center stage.

Yet another exciting thing to do in Shimla is to take a walk from Scandal Point up to the Institute of Advanced Studies or Viceregal Lodge. An hour's walk on the above-listed path brims with picturesque scenes galore and you could bask in the hypnotic beauty of the Shimla hills. This walking pathway is highly recommended for nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts.

Tourists must pay a visit to the Viceregal Lodge, famously renowned as Rashtrapati Niwas among locals and Shimla dwellers, is a place of historical importance and is a landmark building in the past for the British Viceroy of India. In today’s time, it is the Summer home of the President of India. The view of the overlooking garden is quite splendid and provides the best holiday retreat activity for travelers. There is an entry fee that needs to be paid for taking a tour of the Lodge, if you only wish to see the garden area, you will be paying a nominal cost for it.

If you wander far away on Mall Road, you will come across a wide area known as The Ridge. It is yet another place in Shimla for sightseeing. Ridge offers better prospects of seeping into the entire vibe and atmosphere of the place. You can find an array of festivals and concerts happening at Ridge. Pony rides are also available around the square and one could take photographs with family or friends, capturing the beauty of the place. One could also spot the Christ Church in the backdrop rendering a serene view to tourists.

One cannot miss visiting the Jakhu Temple, famed for its packs of monkeys and a colossal statue of Lord Hanuman peeking taller than the trees. There are three distinct ways that one could resort to reach the temple premises; firstly, people can trek along the mountain to enter the temple area, secondly, tourists could take a taxi, and lastly, people could use the ropeway (the most expensive of the lot).

Best time to Tripify

Beyond a  doubt, summers are the best time of the year to breathe ultra soothing cool Shimla breeze. Although it may get a lot crowded and you may not find enough space to place your foot, the climate and atmosphere will be beyond your imagination rendering a mystical tone to the entire place. Try planning your trip between April to June to beat the scorching heat of plains and grasslands.